Wake up! Get up! Woman up!

There are some people in life who, no matter what the circumstance, will find a way to victimize themselves. They search out every hole in a silver lining. Their celebrations are only pity-parties, and they seek to tear down every person who is working to build a better life for others. Women are historically notorious for this, particularly when it comes to supporting other women.

I was wholly disappointed to see this happening to the Women's March on Washington. I've seen women posting on social media about how this isn't their march, or how white women have taken over something that women of color started. Both of these statements are, in the words of Kellyanne Conway, "alternative facts."

The Women's March on Washington began with an idea that Teresa Shook (a white woman) had when watching the election results. Teresa lives in Hawaii. She invited 40 of her friends on Facebook to join her in a march on Washington. When she woke up the next day, over 10,000 people had signed up. It took off from there. Organizers include women from all nationalities, such as Tamika Mallory (a black woman), Carmen Perez (a Latina woman), and Linda Sarsour (a Muslim woman).  A diverse group of women are on the national board.

 Women were not the only ones marching on Washington this past weekend. There were men, children, trans-women, and people from all over the world marching in solidarity over the rights of all of us. This was much bigger than one woman, regardless of her skin color.

To be fair, there was a news story about one group in Pittsburgh. It's entitled, "Racism claims, infighting mar planning for Pittsburgh anti-Trump Women's March, forcing a split." Out of the hundreds of locations in which marches took place, this was the only one in which something like this occurred.

Those who claim that white women took over something that BLM started are grossly misinformed. With the one exception noted above, there have yet to be any stories from organizers or participants that claim women of color were marginalized in this endeavor.

For the women who say that this was not their march, this speaks to self-centered privilege, and social conditioning. For too long, women have been taught (through a variety of media) that men don't like women who are strong and assertive. They want women who are soft, weak, and who will submit to a man's desires. This allows the man to feel important and strong and speaks to his protector/provider instinct. These particular women are looking to garner favor with men. They want to be seen as the good girl who isn't like those other girls, you know, Sandy versus Rizzo.

Additionally, the women speaking against this march don't see themselves as marginalized. This comes from a place of ignorance. They clearly do not know that the reason they are able to vote, able to go to work, able to own property, have a credit card, etc... is specifically because of women who stood up and marched and fought for the right to do those things. These women must be young, because most of these rights weren't available before the 1970's.

What this Women's March on Washington proved is that there are strong women, men, and families of all ages, races, religions, and sexual orientations that will not allow this country to move backward without a fight. The strong solidarity seen on Saturday sends a powerful message to the world that we will "not go gentle into that good night."

There is an American adage*, "those who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." To those keyboard warriors who look to play the victim whenever possible, and to those who think we have no problem, I have some advice for you. Wake up, get up, and woman up. If you want to progress, to make a difference, to hold on to what rights you do have and continue to fight for true equality, that is.

Otherwise, do yourselves (and the rest of us) a favor and just shut up.

*this has been attributed to many different sources, but no real evidence can be found as to who actually said it first.


  1. said "perfectly" and all of us need to wake up!

    1. Thank you! Let's make things happen :)


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