Spring Equinox: Release and Begin

Today is the Spring Equinox. Spring tends to fill us with hope, even if we're not sure why, exactly. We see new life emerging from all areas of nature, the temperatures begin to warm, and we feel called to take some kind of action. Many of us begin the secular new year with some kind of goal or resolution to help us start fresh. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this can be challenging, with the winter temperatures making us feel like we still need to cocoon. Spring, however, feels just right for making things happen.

Pagans tend to see the Spring Equinox (Ostara, Eostre, Alban Eilir, et al) as a time of balance, in line with the very word, "equinox." We feel the tug of impetus pulling on us, and yet, there are still things we are clinging to, that hold us back from making that move forward in life. Before we can take those first steps, a release is in order.

In my own life, this is a number 1 year, numerologically speaking. A new cycle has begun, and I've been both letting go of that which is no longer relevant to who I am now, as well as pushing forward with my new story-line, or Imramma. It isn't easy, when I'm presented with the choice to allow myself to be hurt by holding on to relationships, ideas, and emotions that I know are not beneficial to me, and that no longer reflect my true self; or to experience the pain of releasing these agonizing comforts in order to be free. It's like ripping the bandage off of the wound. I know that it needs to be cleansed and free to heal, but just knowing that by pulling that adhesive, it's going to hurt, causes me to hesitate.

In the end, I choose the quick pain of release, rather than long-term suffering and disease of mind, body, and spirit. I want the healing and I want to be free to continue to grow and learn and become. Then, I can walk, run, dance, and skip on my new path as a salubrious being, ready to both give and receive. 

This day, take some time for you, and perform whatever rituals work best for you, no matter how simple or elaborate. Spend some time musing on that which has brought you to this point. Give gratitude where you are able. Then, look ahead to the new path that lies before you, pristine and glistening with the fresh dew of life springing ahead. Release whatever is holding you back and let it also be free to transmute, while you transform into a new creature, ready and able to emerge from that cocoon and fly. I wish you health, happiness, and a most wonderful season ahead.


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