Sunday News: Paganism and Witchcraft around the world this week

This is a compilation of news links from around the world, featuring Witchcraft and/or Paganism. I am not the author, nor am I responsible for their content. This is simply a service for those who are interested, but don't want to take the time to seek out these articles on their own.

Orleans Parish jury returns guilty verdicts on all counts in child pornography case against Wiccan priest

Parents in Malawi Target Businessman Over Witchcraft Accusations

Alleged witchcraft practitioner pleads guilty to fraud

Wade Mueller speaks on the need for Pagan homelands

Checked out: Is Easter a Christian or pagan festival?

Witches Explain How To Take On Political Power With Occult Magic

Home of accused witch gets a spruce-up

Professional Witches Explain How to Use Magic to Make Money

Canadian official recommends removal of zombie laws and witchcraft regulation

Elderly Couple Burnt Alive In Telangana, Were Accused Of Black Magic

Witch-hunt leaves 5 kids orphaned- Couple hacked to death in Assam's Kokrajhar district

'Witch' performs public exorcism with heads of dolls and herbs after claiming a 'demon caused fatal car crash'

Witch hunter stabbed to death while enjoying sex

Zimbabwean woman 'opens graves, eats dead people' in New Zealand

Paganism: Why Are We Still Scared?

Astrology April 10-16

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