Sunday News- Paganism and Witchcraft Week of April 16, 2017

This is a compilation of news links from around the world, featuring Witchcraft and/or Paganism. I am not the author, nor am I responsible for their content. This is simply a service for those who are interested, but don't want to take the time to seek out these articles on their own.

Musicians Accuse Each Other of Witchcraft

Man attacks his 75 year old mother over Witchcraft

One Woman's Fight Against Witch-Hunters

Conning in the name of black magic is the art of living for fake babas 

Contemporary Paganism Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Isle of Wight Writer's Pagan Book is a Hit

Network established to mentor Pagan professionals

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Easter Witches

Looming unemployment in Kenya’s witchcraft sector

Prisoner killed over witchcraft claims

Have you ever met a witch? You can now

Weekly Horoscope April 14-21, 2017

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