The Spoon and Cauldron: September 3, 2017

Happy First Sunday of September!

I've found some excellent news articles for you this week, so please take time to check them out. I believe you'll find them all quite interesting. Samhains' Sirens has kicked off our "Meet the Sirens Month," and we have only 28 days until the October celebration begins. Be sure you like/get notifications from the Facebook page, and book mark the web page as well. We will have 2 grand prizes this year, and you will love the offerings we have for you. Grab your favorite cup of java, and  enjoy!

Paganism and Witchcraft in the News

Disclaimer: These are meant to educate our community on what's being said about Paganism and Witchcraft in the news, and are simply a sampling of what can be found on the internet.

Paganism is the second most popular faith in southwest England

Pagans demand return of church buildings 'stolen' 1,300 years ago

Pagan handfasting on Northam burrows see witches travel from far and wide

Time Magazine Sorts the States into Harry Potter Houses

Magic school in Brazil offers classes in potions, witchcraft to wannabe wizards

Female Witchsy founders use fictional male to beat sexism


Please go to My Stars Horoscopes for a really fun experience in reading your horoscope. She is delightful.

Planets currently in Retrograde: 
Pluto (until September 28)
Neptune (until November 22)
Uranus (until January 2, 2018)

This Week's Totem: Owl

Key words and phrases: Wisdom, Mystery, Transition, Messages, Intelligence, Mysticism, Protection, Secrets

The owl is symbolic in many different cultures:
Greece: Owl was the totem of Athena, the Greek goddess of learning and wisdom.
Celtic societies, Egypt, Hindu culture: Owl is the guardian of the Otherworld or Underworld, and protector of the dead.
Native American nations: Owl is the symbol of wisdom, foresight, and the keeper of sacred knowledge.
Medieval Europe: Owls were said to be the form witches and wizards took as a disguise.
West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures viewed the owl as a messenger of secrets, kin to sorcerers, as well as companions to seers, mystics and medicine people.

Owl sees and knows the truth. It's ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for itself and others is the foundation of this essence.

When you have lost your way, owl essence will guide you back to your proper path and wisdom. Owl medicine can help a person to extract secrets, to see that which is hidden in the darkness and is very powerful for soul retrievals for this reason.

Many shamans, psychic healers and mediums have owl medicine either as a primary totem or can call upon one as needed. They can see clear through to the core reason for any type of imbalance and then they can spot the proper medicine needed to heal the imbalance.

Owl people tend to be very wise, often beyond their years because they see far more deeply than many others do. They tend to be mystical, rather magical people and often are highly interested in magic and ritual at which they are extremely gifted. They can find secrets and things being hidden (deceptions) quite easily.

Owl's message is to look more deeply into yourself and others before making a decision this week. Your  intuition is telling you something- heed what it has to say.

28 days to the Siren Celebration!

Samhain’s Sirens is a gift of Halloween love to you from us. During the Samhain season (October 1- October 31) we’ll be treating you to blogs, giveaways, craft ideas, recipes and music to help you celebrate this holy and happy time in honoring the thinning of the veil and our ancestors.

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