Witchy Wednesday: The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox begins at 4:02pm on Friday, September 22, 2017. Scientifically speaking, the Sun crosses the celestial equator and moves southward in the northern hemisphere. At that time, the earth's axis of rotation is perpendicular to the line connecting the centers of the earth and sun. Many people believe the earth experiences 12 hours of day and night. It's not exactly true, but it's close.

For those who are Wiccan, it's time for Mabon. It is also known as The Witches' Thanksgiving, and there have been schools of thought who tie this tradition to the origins of the pilgrim's Thanksgiving celebration in November.

According to Jewish tradition, it is the time when Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac. When he was stopped by the angel, blood appeared on his knife.

In ancient Greek tradition, this is the time when Persephone returns to the Underworld to spend 6 months with her husband Hades.

In Japan, it is the time of Higan or Higan-e; a week of Buddhist services which celebrate the dead reaching the shore of Nirvana (Higan means other shore) after crossing the river of existence.
The Japanese honor the spirits of their ancestors at this time. For the more secular Japanese, it is called Autumnal Equinox Day.

In China, it is the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival, and dates back over 3000 years. It stems from the tradition of honoring the Sun at the Spring Equinox and the Moon at the Fall Equinox. Moon cakes and other treats are made, families travel long distances to be with one another during this week, and fire dragon dances are a major part of this tradition.

Here are some links with ideas to add to your celebration:


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However you choose to celebrate this time of year, may you and yours have the harvest you need to get you through the winter; and may love, peace, and harmony be with you.


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