The Spoon and Cauldron: October 22, 2017

Your Witchy Sunday Paper has arrived!

In the News

Disclaimer: These are meant to educate our community on what's being said about Paganism and Witchcraft in the news, and are simply a sampling of what can be found on the internet.

Fairuza Balk shuts down witchcraft rumors

Cornell Witchcraft Collection exhibition opens on Halloween

Ngolongoliwa challenges to stamp down on witchcraft over ‘bloodsuckers’

Bewitching Manuscript from the ‘British Salem’

Book World: What sparked our fear of witches - and what kept it burning so long?

Alice Hoffman to speak on ‘The Rules of Magic’ at Temple Sinai

8 Best Horror Documentaries to Watch

Husband finds garlic inside wife's nunu at night and thinks its witchcraft 

On the Road with Rick Holmes: Salem: The dark history of ‘Witch City’

Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology

Man demands sex from mom, kills her over witchcraft

Christian Baker Under Fire on a New Front with Satanic Request

Shakespeare’s Ghosts Live! What Secret Messages do The Spirits Reveal about the Nature of Reality?

Weekly Horoscope October 20-26

This week, I'm featuring astrologer Aepril Schaile from

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Breaking the spell. The Nuit Report.

Week at a Glance: Tarot

We start off this week with the 10 of cups, and we end it with the 8 of swords. It's not necessarily a roller coaster, but there's a definite theme cropping up here, or should I say, 'sliding down'?

The ten of cups is about abundance, achievement, and happiness. We then move into the work week with the chariot, which is abound dominance, victory, and control. 

Tuesday brings us the three of wands, which is all about long-term success, and then Wednesday, we get a little wake-up call, with the hanged man's sacrifice for knowledge.

Thursday will bring us the 8 of cups, which is a signal to pay attention to what we've learned in our hanged man position, and take action accordingly. 

The Page of Swords arrives on Friday with his/her party hat on, which means there's a lot of energy and a lack of wisdom to go with it. Swords dominate the weekend, so be sure you mind your manners, and think of how you are coming across to others. 

Not a bumpy ride, just a few reminders that our happiness is dependent upon our attitude ;)

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This Week's Totem: Swan

Key Words: Grace, Beauty, Self-empowerment, Transformation

The Swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. It is found in nearly every indigenous culture’s totemic line-up.

Swan’s message is that it's time you began realizing your own true beauty and recognizing your power from within. A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the development of intuitive abilities.

Swan people have the ability to see the future, and have a great aptitude for ‘going with the flow’.   They can adapt to changes in their lives with grace and dignity. They are extremely intuitive and have strong psychic abilities. They know who is calling when the phone rings. They are strong (a swan can beat a man to death with his/her wings) and beautiful. Some are silent, some sing beautiful songs. They tend to attract people easily, although most prefer smaller groups.

You may have read Hans Christian Andersen's tale, "The Ugly Duckling", but did you know that it's a prevalent tale in many cultures? In Native American mythology, there is a story of how Swan (as an ugly duckling) meets with Dragonfly (the keeper of dreamtime mystery) and asks for entrance into the Dreamtime. She tells Dragonfly that she is willing to submit to whatever plan The Mystery has for her. He takes pity on the poor ugly creature, and allows her to enter the Dreaming Lands. Several days later, he encounters Swan again, but she is now one of the strongest, most beautiful creatures he has ever seen. He asks her what happened, and she tells him that because she was willing to submit to the flow of the currents of the Dreamtime river, and was willing to see the beauty in all things that shaped her, her form was changed.

Swan encourages you to find your strength and beauty from within. All of the events and situations that have transpired in your life have shaped you into who you are today. This is cause for celebration and not despair. You are transformed when you accept who you are and embrace the current of your life's story.

For those who haven't read the Ugly Duckling, here is a version of it from Disney that won awards in 1939:

Samhain's Sirens Celebration!

Samhain’s Sirens is a gift of Halloween love to you from us. During the Samhain season (October 2-October 31) we are treating you to blogs, giveaways, craft ideas, recipes and music to help you celebrate this holy and happy time in honoring the thinning of the veil and our ancestors.

We'll be starting our last full week of fun tomorrow.

Be sure to visit the following pages to keep up with all that we're doing throughout the season:
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That's it for this edition. Enjoy!

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