Thursday's Child: Insoluble Witchcraft

Come join me, friends, and bring your mugs. I have some freshly-brewed sassafras, and opinion to share. Are you comfortable? Wonderful. Thank you for being here, and for your consideration.

"Wild" is the new "Inner Goddess" these days. It's seemingly synonymous with the path I follow, and while I'm all about empowering women (and men!) to embrace their wild nature, it is more than a bit unsettling to see co-opting, or as someone else so aptly put it, the watering down of Witchcraft. In fact, when reading these flowery articles, books, etc. it seems that the intention of "wild" is to offer the tamest version of who and what constitutes a Witch, as a means of consumption for the masses.

Witchcraft is not for everyone, and not just those who see it as evil. People don't understand that this isn't a "love and light" path. That's more of a new age flavor, and includes some of the NeoPagan Wiccan traditions as well. I'm not knocking those, by the way. I'm just stating that Witchcraft isn't in that category.

Witchcraft is a calling, and when I say that, I mean it literally. You feel the call. It's inexplicable to those who haven't heard it, and it isn't something you can ignore. It does not originate from reading a book, or watching some TV show or movie that portrays "The Craft" as something you can pick up and learn from some "ancient tome" found in your local library; or worse, something that you use to fight "evil." If that's someone's bent, it's all good and well, but that isn't Witchcraft.

That call is ancient. It's in your DNA. It's generational. When you feel that quickening, you have to make a choice, and it isn't something you do on a whim. As Ly De Angeles says,
"Once initiation has occurred, there is no turning back, you will quest all your life; it is not a thing to do thoughtlessly."

This summons will nag at you when you've become complacent. It will push you to do more, learn more, remember who you are. You will agonize and you will enchant. But, you will never be able to ignore. I see you nodding. I know you understand me.

Many  have tried to mainstream this path. Hence, the reason we see so much of it in our media today. I've seen books now that tell everyone that they are witches who just haven't recognized themselves as such. I've seen love and light and "positivity" as the new mantra of these alleged practitioners. This is not our way at all.

We were never meant to be conventional, ordinary. We walk on the fringes for a reason. A witch who cannot hex cannot heal. Witches cannot water down our craft, because we don't do things in halves.

We are not only connected to this planet, we are completely integrated into it. We cannot separate ourselves from it, even if some believe they can and are. The planet we can survive on was born in violence. A meteor smashed into it, merging the two and creating the moon. From there, the life that has grown on this planet, emerged.

It is not natural to kill others of our species (or any other species) without cause. But, it is natural to defend against intruders, to kill for food. Even those who eat only plants should know their food is alive and sentient. To pretend otherwise is to limit one's authentic life.

We cure, and we curse, and we are intricately enmeshed in the entire cycle of life. Separation is what has given rise to ideas of superiority, prejudice, and hate. Connectedness recognizes the savagery inherent in all of nature, and adapts accordingly. This is survival, but is also the poetry of life.

To be Wildly Witch is to simply accept all that we are, remove the masks of ingenuous living, and to embrace our connection to all that is. To watch the spider catch his prey with a sense of awe and wonder, while honoring the life of his quarry, is to comprehend life's beauty on the deepest level.

To listen to the language of other species, to communicate, to caress this fragile-yet-unbreakable bond between ourselves and all that exists, is the way of Witch. This cannot be homologized, diluted, or restricted by those who would capitalize on the media meme of the moment.

Do you hear that? Help yourself, and don't feel rushed to leave, but I must go. There's an Eastern screech owl beckoning me to witness in the wild wood. I am a Watcher, after all.


  1. Every word! Love it!

  2. This touched my well written!

  3. truly touched my heart, very well said, and oh so true, I felt it in the depths of my soul, blessed be :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I am pleased that it served. <3


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