Tarot Tuesday's Big Reveal! April 10, 2018

It's time to hone your intuitive skills for the week! By now, you know the drill: Ground yourself, by closing your eyes for a few moments, taking 3 deep breaths, and then opening your eyes. Choose ONLY ONE card. When you have the one that speaks most to you, look below to see how it resonates in your life.  Ready? Let's do this!

Card 1: The Ace of Pentacles

Steampunk Tarot

If you are in need of a reality check, the Ace of Pentacles card will be a welcome sight in your Tarot reading. Pragmatic and observant, this is the card of abundance that influences the material world to spread the wealth your way! 

You are likely to be feeling optimistic, upbeat, and hopeful about your future. Things should be going well, in general. You could well be starting something new very soon, this could be in the realm of work or your personal life, but no matter what, beneficial things are coming to you.

Card 2: The 2 of Cups

Tarot of the Hidden Realm
In the present position, the Two of Cups confirms that a union is being born or a reconciliation is occurring. Often this card appears in the present position as the person receiving the reading is about to go to a high school reunion or a family gathering. It confirms that the time to bury that hatchet or pursue passion has arrived.

The single resounding theme associated with the II of Cups is partnership. What sort of partnership is less clear, but you are in the past, present, or future, part of a powerful one. This partnership will involve absolute trust and commanding respect. It may, of course, be a particularly emotional love affair, but it could just as easily be a deep and abiding friendship. The exact nature may be revealed by the rest of the spread, or it may not. It will be a source of happiness for you, though, a presence in your life you can count on at every turn, and whose well-being will be as important to you as your own.

Card 3: The Chariot

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The Chariot indicates a lot of energy but not free-for-all energy. It's directed, controlled, and has a goal in mind. When this card appears you are likely to be fairly clear on what your hopes and dreams involve and what you are willing to do to make them come true.

The Chariot is the Tarot card most associated with victory and control. When you see this card in a Tarot reading in times of struggle, understand that when Cesar conquered an opposing army, his victory parade made the years of struggle worth it. If you are not yet victorious, learn to appreciate your struggle, as the celebration you can have will be even more enjoyable with your challenges still fresh in your mind. If you recently accomplished a great task, be sure to revel in your enjoyment of the moment; there are no guarantees of future enjoyment, so soak up the feeling of pure triumph.

Card 4: The Sun

Tarot de St. Croix

Have you been feeling revitalized? Have you been the center of attention lately? Are you getting an award soon? Are you making a breakthrough in understanding the patterns of a relationship? Has a recent victory given you reason to be confident? Look towards The Sun's appearance in your Tarot reading as an indicator that everything is going in the right direction for you. When you are feeling at your best emotionally, physically and psychologically, The Sun confirms that it is no illusion – things really are going well!

In the present position, you have everything to gain with this card. You can get exactly what you want, and are the center of attention in doing so. Little can be lost and consequences are few when you reach out to take what you want. If there are any downsides to The Sun card being in the present position, it is that secrecy is almost impossible. You must operate in a transparent manner. Everyone should be able to see what you are doing in order for your integrity to never be questioned.

How did you do? Are you finding these exercises beneficial? How can I help you further in this endeavor? The best discussions are found on the Facebook page, or you can leave a comment here. Feel free to private message me if that is most comfortable for you. You can use the Contact Form on this page, or send a message through the Facebook page. I look forward to reading your feedback!

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