The Big Reveal: Tarot Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Tarot Tuesday, and it just happens to fall on Beltainne (Northern Hemisphere) and Samhain (Southern Hemisphere). If you haven't done this before, please ground yourself first (relax, close your eyes for a moment, take some deep breaths, connect to the earth). Now, select your number based on what speaks most to you. Be careful about choosing "the pretty card back." It can be deceiving. Let your intuition speak.

Once you have your number, look below for the Big Reveal, then come to the Facebook page where we discuss our results.

Card 1: Temperance

The China Tarot

Temperance is a card about balance, in many ways, and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your attention. This is also a card about alchemy or mixing and matching. You may have to try several approaches to things before you find what is truly right for you.

Although in general all your relationships are likely to be going quite well, you may need to look at your deeper personal issues and see if or how these are standing in your way. And if they are, how to work through them and integrate them. The idea now is to do what it takes to find balance, in yourself, in your relationships, and with your goals and aspirations.

The Temperance card is the Tarot's way of indicating that peace will not be arriving, because you already have it within you. When you are in that even place away from the harsh side of things, you will find that peace, and in unleashing it, exert the greatest amount of control over your world with the least amount of effort you could ever imagine.

Card 2: The 10 of Cups

Steampunk Tarot

In general the 10 of Cups speaks of a happy family life, (even if you are single,) and to general well being that goes beyond you yourself to include those that you are most concerned about - parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here. This is a good card to see; regardless of the question.

In the present position, this card represents a recent breakthrough. You may be in love at the moment of the reading or falling in love with someone. This card carries emotional impact, so there is some wonderful sentiment permeating your life and your world at present. The Tarot reading confirms that you should be enjoying yourself thoroughly.

Card 3: The 4 of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot

The Four of Cups is a stubborn, ungrateful and self-absorbed card. Whether you are off in your own little world, depressed, selfish, afraid to reach out or are nursing wounds from a bad relationship, the isolation in your world is self-imposed – you can take the kindness of the universe and join us all in the real world whenever you choose. The appearance of this card insists that your detachment from being part of the world is becoming an issue.

In the present position, the Four of Cups indicates that you are closed off to a solution that would assist you. You might be stubbornly clinging to the old way of doing things. There may be someone in your life who is offering you love and you are turning it down, or you are so self-involved that you do not even know what love is beyond self-love. You will have to confront yourself and be totally honest with how you are behaving, as this card brings up excuses and rationalizations as a defense mechanism to continue the pattern of avoidance.

Be sure that you are "counting your blessings." Don't spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away. A lot of life has to do with where we put our focus. Put your focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for. Consider a gratitude journal.

Card 4: Judgement

Joie de Vivre Tarot
Are your days of sitting on the fence done? Have you found a reason to keep living? Are you feeling refreshed and looking forward to moving on? Has a casual interest turned into a dominating philosophy of life that you are pursuing as your true calling? Are you able to brush aside the ambiguities and obfuscations of the past and clarify exactly what it is you have been through? When the Judgment card arrives in your Tarot reading, it is time to take a stand as the hardest choices become obvious after the simplest of appraisals.

In the present position, Judgment is reflecting your internal conflict about making a big decision. The finality of this choice is quite apparent to you, even if it seems small to others and is perhaps even dismissed by those close to you. The presence of this card can give you little guidance over your choice. While many Tarot cards have a sense of inevitability about them, the Judgment card in the present position is powerful in that your free will is on the line here. All this card represents is that the decision you are about to make is, in fact, an epic one.

In general, if you are the one tending to jump to conclusions, you can put a stop to it. If others are making these kinds of decisions about you or about someone you care for, there is really very little you can do, apart from realizing that it's their problem, not yours.

How did you do? Are you finding these exercises helpful? How are you applying them to your daily life? Most importantly, how can I help?  Remember, the best conversations are on the Facebook page, but feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a message via this page. I'm happy to help my favorite wildlings!

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