Thursday's Child: Rewilding the Leaver

Call me "Ishmael." No, wrong book. That's Moby Dick.

I'm referring to "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. If you've ever seen the movie, "Instinct," with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, you will know the correlations. The movie is loosely based on this book.

Quick Synopsis:

I purposefully renamed my site to Wildly Witch as to not use the article "a" (see the video above for further explanation).  For those of you who love Ly De Angeles as much as I do, please follow the YouTube site, as she's going to do more of these videos there. If you haven't heard of her, please consider purchasing her latest book, "Witch: For Those Who Are".

I've made some changes here on the site. I'm no longer selling tarot or totem readings. Since I'm giving everyone the opportunity to hone their intuition through Tarot Tuesdays, you can learn to read for yourself. If you really need my help or want a reading, reach out to me, personally. I'll happily assist. Payment will be negotiated, as I'm really more interested in doing "in-kind" exchanges. This applies to totem readings as well.

It's a first step. I have a lot to learn in this attempt to rewild my leaver-self. I hope to have some kindred with me on the journey. Let me know how I can support you, too.

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