The Big Reveal for #TarotTuesday: July 3, 2018

It's time for the Big Reveal! If you're new, please go to the Facebook page first. Choose your card, then come back here to see what you've chosen.

For veteran wildlys, let's get to it! I added another card today, so let's see how that affected your reading.

Card 1: Strength

Fenestra Tarot
Do you feel a little more in control with less effort than ever? Is it easier than before to maintain your position and engender respect? Has a relationship that might have once been frustrating lately been a source of joy? Has your anger over a situation made you more committed to taking responsibility and working toward beneficial outcomes? The Strength card is one of the most sophisticated cards in the Tarot deck, representing a higher level of consciousness that takes responsibility in order to master yourself and your world.

In the present position, Strength is one of the best cards in the Tarot deck. You are in the midst of getting to know how to rule your world. You are not domineering in this control. Strength is a card that exerts its control through understanding and cooperation. You are in charge, but others do your bidding because you have made it worth their while and created a joyful context in which all of you interact.

Card 2: The Tower

The Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz
Has a big change of plans occurred? Are you getting a Tarot reading because some unexpected event has completely changed your life? Has your world turned upside down? Was a steady part of your life recently destabilized in dramatic fashion? Is change happening too quickly for you to hold on to something? If so, the tower is influencing events and has appeared in your Tarot reading. This card is the Tarot's way of acknowledging that the rapid transformation occurring in your world is due to forces beyond your control. Be it a stirring of Mother Nature, or the impact of someone else's economic decisions on your life, understand that these are circumstances with which you had little if any influence over.

In the present position, anything goes with this card. Relationships, jobs, financial circumstances … any situation could be affected. The chaos unleashed by The Tower in this position usually affects one area of your life, but the affects are thorough. You may lose a job, but your love relationship will grow stronger as a result. You might get dumped, but you will get an easier work schedule that boosts your pay. Juxtapositions of absence/abundance are inevitable.

Card 3: The Knight of Swords

The China Tarot- Der Jen

Are you avoiding the cold reality of a situation? Were you too blunt with someone who needed to be told some news in a more gingerly fashion? Is it past time for some plain talk between you and a lover? Were you so insulated from criticism that you developed a thin skin and are now having it pinched at the most casual comments from friends and strangers alike? Have you been dealing with a boss who seems to assign jobs that can never be delivered fast nor perfect enough? Look for the Knight of Swords to appear in your Tarot reading. This is not a card of bad news, so much as a signal of information arriving at an inconvenient time and delivered in an inelegant manner.

The Knight of Swords in the present position is an indicator that you are getting some unwanted news. Perhaps your very Tarot reading is not going as planned! The Knight of Swords has a pinpoint focus and stays on topic. There may be plenty you are avoiding in your life, perhaps that you have become quite good at avoiding. The Knight of Swords assures you that suddenly you are no longer able to avoid things and that confrontation can and will commence.

Card 4: The 8 of Cups

Crystal Visions Tarot

The Eight of Cups is at its most powerful in the present position. This card reveals the fundamental hopelessness of a current relationship, job or other stressful situation. If you have been considering moving on, this card and its message will come as no surprise when it appears in the present position of your Tarot reading. The strength of this card is in the person actually having left the situation – this is a motivation for you to make a radical change with your current situation. If life is fine and dandy and you cannot imagine things changing, the Eight of Cups is a card that insists you look around at those closest to you and confronts you with the notion that these people might not be at all happy with the way things are going. The Eight of Cups may wake you up from a state of obliviousness. In that regard, this can be a card of empathy.

Know that renewed good times lie ahead for you. If your "gut" is telling you that you really need to get out of a relationship, job, or living arrangement, trust yourself. Instead of this coming out of the blue, or someone or something leaving you, it usually means that you are the one who will make this choice. Very often one door has to close behind you before the next door in front of you can fully open.

Card 5: Justice

Shadowscapes Tarot

Justice often refers to legal matters of all kinds. The courts are where judgments are made and decisions rendered. The legal system is the official arena in which the principles of Justice (fairness, impartiality and the quest for Truth) are explored. If you see the Justice card in a reading where there are legal matters at hand, expect the outcome to be just and fair. You are also likely to be dealing with legal contracts, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, business contract, financial arrangement or litigation. Where you are the person demanding justice, know that justice will be served and lawsuits won. Of course, if you have acted in a deceptive way or have not spoken the truth, be aware that justice will still prevail and you will need to take responsibility for your actions.

The Justice card also indicates a time when decision-making is required. Something in your life needs attention, mediation or a solution.  As you contemplate your decision, are you the person to pass judgment, or is your role to accept the decision that is made? How can you remain as objective as possible, while searching for the truth of the matter? It is an important time for your ‘inner umpire’ (i.e. your conscience) to make the ‘right’ decision. Balanced judgment exists.

How did you do? Did the fifth card choice make it more difficult to choose? Given the weight of all the cards in the spread, how is that affecting you? Remember, we have several planets in retrograde right now, and that energy is also playing a part in your life. How will you take what you've received today and use it for your benefit this week?

As always, I love hearing from you. You can comment, and/or send me a message here, or on the Facebook page. I'm here to support you.

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