Tarot Tuesday's Big Reveal for September 25, 2018

It's time for our Big Reveal! If you haven't done so, please go to the Wildly Witch Facebook Page, and choose your card.

For those who already have, let's see how well you did!

Card 1: The Lovers

Mary-El Tarot

The Lovers signifies perfect union, harmony, love and attraction. The Lovers can represent finding the balance within oneself. You are learning to understand yourself, your own personal moral code and what you value in life. This will bring harmony and balance to your life.  

In general, when The Lovers Tarot card appears it is an indication that you have major choices to make, or are faced with a dilemma. You may be feeling uncertain about situations, people in your life, or what direction you should take. Don’t automatically go for the easy road! Make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you. Even if it seems like a difficult path, it will lead you on to greater things.

Key words: Love, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, relationships, major choices, romance, desire, sexual connections, shared values.

Card 2: The Queen of Wands

The China Tarot

The Queen of Wands indicates that you are feeling optimistic, outgoing, and full of energy. You will are in the process of accomplishing many tasks, and keeping a lot of balls in the air.

People will be tired just looking at you because you are always on the go! This card represents taking charge of things and organizing your life. This card represents being efficient, and helping others. It can also represent being chaotic and forgetful, as the amount of things you have taken on might take their toll, after a while.  

As a person, the Queen of Wands a represents mature female or feminine person who is energetic, vivacious, strong, courageous and passionate.  She may be a fire sign: such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. She is independent, confident, optimistic, outgoing, and assertive. She has an abundance of sex appeal, and a great sense of humor. She is full of energy and is a brilliant multi-tasker. Conversely, she can be chaotic, hot tempered, and forgetful as she has so many balls in the air at once.

Key words: Energetic, vivacious, strong, courageous, passionate, funny, independent, confident, optimistic, outgoing, assertive, sexy, chaotic, hot tempered, forgetful, efficient.

Card 3: The 2 of Swords

The Steampunk Tarot

Have you been avoiding a decision? Do you have some great rationalizations as to why you should wait? Are you impatient for change but holding yourself back out of either fear or apathy? Are you withholding affection from a spouse, friend or child out of selfishness or spite? Are you trying to make someone earn your trust but in your heart you know you will never grant it? Expect the Two of Swords to appear in your Tarot reading, if these descriptions hit too close to home.

The Two of Swords represents a stalemate, truce or being at a crossroads. It indicates that you are sitting on the fence or struggling to make/ avoiding a difficult, stressful or painful decision. It is the Minor Arcana of coming face to face with your fears. 

It can also signify being torn between two loyalties, relationships, situations, offers or people. It represents being caught in the middle of an argument or conflict and trying to mediate between opposing parties. The Two of Swords also represents blocking emotions, being in denial, blindness and an inability or unwillingness to see the truth.

Key words: Stalemate, truce, sitting on the fence, cross roads, difficult decisions, painful choices, stressful decisions, opposition, facing your fears, being torn between two relationships, divided loyalty.

Card 4: The 6 of Pentacles

Deviant Moon Tarot

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card represents gifts, kindness, and generosity. Someone in your life may be very generous towards you with gifts or money or simply generous with their time, knowledge, or wisdom. 

Alternately, you may have so much wealth and prosperity that you are the one in a position to help others. This card can indicate sharing, support, charity. or donations. As such, if you are in a difficult situation at the moment, this card can indicate that there is help available, if you reach out. You may be feeling a strong sense of community spirit, or be compelled to help those around you, right now. 

It is also a card of power and control so you may find yourself in a position of authority, or being well-respected by others. The Six of Pentacles is usually a welcomed card, as it can signify equality and fairness, and can also symbolize being well paid, being valued, or being rewarded for hard work. If you are prospering when it appears, remember to share your good fortune with those around you!

Key words: Gifts, generosity, charity, donations, money, community, assistance, support, employment, sharing, kindness, wealth, prosperity, power, authority, control, investors, giving/receiving, gratitude, being valued, being well paid, rewards for hard work, fairness, equality.

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