Sunday Stirrings: The Magical Week Ahead November 4-10, 2018

Happy Sunday, Wildlings! For those of you who like to plan ahead, here is your Weekly Magic Guide. Remember, you can still get the Daily Magic Guides every morning on the Wildly, Witch Facebook page. If you're enjoying those and haven't done so yet, please give the page a like. Thank you!

Sunday, November 4:

Moon phase: Waning Crescent (12%)
Location: Moon is 270 - 315 degrees ahead of the Sun
Span: Seven to ten and a half days after the Full Moon.
2:26am-4:01a Moon is Void of Course (VoC), then moves into the sign of Libra

2:00am: Those who observe Daylight Savings Time switch to Standard Time.

Libra is about balance, justice, partnerships, artistic work, and mental stimulation. Libra rules over the lower back, and kidneys, for those who are performing healing rites.

Monday, November 5:

Moon phase: Waning Crescent (6%)
This is the last day of the Waning Crescent phase. Clear out what no longer works for you; prepare for the Dark moon tomorrow.

The moon is still in Libra, bringing balance and stability. This is the
best time to work magic involving artistic work, justice, court cases, partnerships and unions, mental stimulation, and karmic, spiritual, or emotional balance. Healing rites for the lower back or kidneys are done now.

Tuesday, November 6: (ELECTION DAY, US)

Moon phase: Dark (2%)
3:19a-8:02a Moon VoC, moves into Scorpio

The Dark moon is the moon phase just before it renews. This is the time for spells that involve cursing, hexing, breaking ties, clearing obstacles, and cleaning the slate in preparation for tomorrow's new moon.

When the moon is in Scorpio, it's the best time to work magic involving sex, power, psychic growth, secrets, and fundamental transformations. 

Wednesday, November 7:

Moon phase: New (11:02am EST)
Location: moon is 0 - 45 degrees ahead of the Sun It is in alignment, directly between the earth and the sun, therefore hidden. The New Moon is the only Time the eclipse of the sun can be seen.
Span: Day of, to three and a half days later. The Moon's dark side is facing the Earth. The Moon is not visible (except during a solar eclipse).

Put ideas in motion, become engaged, make long term relationship plans. This is a time of spontaneous and instinctual action. This is a time when efforts will grow visible. Transitions may seem to be accepted more calmly than other phases. A time for hair cuts to promote growth, medical treatments or getting your moneys worth from that facial :)

Thursday, November 8: 

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent (1%)
5:42am-1:59pm the moon is VoC, then moves into Sagittarius

Scientifically, it is the waxing crescent moon. However, it can still be considered new (see Wednesday) until 3.5 days after a new moon. Note the change in signs, however, which could affect spell-work. 

The moon in Sagittarius is about fun, travel, telling the truth, legal matters, and publications. It works well with Thursday, as Jupiter is the ruling planet for both.

Friday, November 9:

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent (4%)

Friday magic is all about love, romance, marriage, sexual matters, physical beauty, partnerships, friendships, social activities, strangers, pleasure, music, incense, perfumes, nature, and arts/crafts.

With the moon still in Sagittarius, it should make for a fun Friday. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10:

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent (8%)
10:35pm- 10:55pm- Moon is VoC, then moves into Capricorn

The moon will spend most of her day in the sign of Sagittarius. She only meanders for about 20 minutes, before moving into Capricorn this evening. 

Saturday is a great day for cleansing, establishing your boundaries, meditation, and self-discipline. 

Sunday, November 11: 

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent (15%)

The moon is in Capricorn, which is all about organization, ambition, career, and politics. It fits in beautifully with Sunday magic, which is also about success, career, ambition, etc... 

This is a great day to prepare for the work week ahead, or organize your business goals and plans.

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Have a magical week!

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