Tarot Tuesday's Big Reveal for November 13, 2018

Welcome to the Big Reveal! Here, we discover how well we did in our intuition exercise. If you haven't done so, please go to the Wildly, Witch Facebook Page and make your selection. For those who have, let's get to it!

This week's deck is The Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell.

"Where the past and future converge...

With a turn of the wheel and a spin of the cog, the oracular machinery lumbers into action. The curtains slowly draw back; the time has come to reveal your destiny.

Created by award-winning tarot expert Barbara Moore and brilliantly brought to life by artist Aly Fell, The Steampunk Tarot deck offers a glimpse of the future through a lens to the past. Retooling the gears of the Rider-Waite tradition, each card's intricate artwork depicts a scintillating fusion of man and machine, nature and technology, science and alchemy, romance and fashion. The included manual offers tips, original spreads, and guidance in card interpretation."

Card 1: The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a bringer of messages. This can be in the form of happy news, important information, invitations to social events, gossip or the potential for romantic proposals. It can also represent your inner child so don’t take things too seriously when this card appears. It may be a sign that you need to connect to your inner child by embracing the fun and frivolous side of life. It can also represent beauty, fashion, glamour, or style, so you may be trying out a new personal style, or having fun with fashion when this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread. 

The Page of Cups can also signify that you are beginning to gain a level of emotional maturity that allows you to be kind, compassionate, helpful, affectionate, and loyal.  

If representing a person, the Page of Cups signifies a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who is a bit of a daydreamer, intuitive, naïve, sensitive and idealistic. They may be a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

Key words: Child, inner-child, youthfulness, idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, inner-voice, spirituality, psychic, messages, happy news, naivety, crush, admirer, becoming emotionally mature, romantic proposals, engagements, pregnancies, marriages, births, romance, artistic, kindness, loyalty, beauty, fashion, style   

Card 2: The Moon

The Moon Tarot card in an upright position is  telling you  that everything is not as it seems. It is also the Major Arcana Tarot card of intuition. The Moons tells you that something about a situation or person in your life is not what it appears to be and you need to trust what your instincts are telling you in order to see past this illusion. 

The Moon also indicates that you should pay attention to your dreams, as your subconscious may be bringing your attention to some information you’ve missed. 

The Moon can also signify that you are letting your anxiety or fear overwhelm you which may be having a negative effect on your outlook and causing you to suffer from mood swings, instability or insecurity. It can also represent a woman’s menstrual cycle. The Moon can mean that dormant insecurities or repressed issues are resurfacing. 

The Moon Tarot card can represent underhanded or dodgy deals or illegal behavior. If it appears in this context, it is a warning to clean your act up before your behavior is exposed. If you are awaiting a decision on something, The Moon indicates that the answer will either be delayed, or be so vague it will add to your confusion, rather than clarify matters.

Key words: Intuition, illusion, dreams, vagueness, instability, deception, anxiety, fear, misconception, subconscious, insecurity

Card 3: The Six of Wands

The Six of Wands represents success, victory, winning, triumph, achievement, and having the advantage. It also signifies praise, acclaim, awards, recognition, applause and goodwill. 

It is a Minor Arcana card of fame, celebrity, fans, well-wishers, supporters, crowds and being in the spotlight. It indicates that someone is being a leader, riding high, confident and proud with high self-esteem. It is a card of strength and stability and can also represent successful campaigns and winning battles.

A Six of Wands landing in the present position of your Tarot reading indicates that complete victory is at hand. If you are seeking the Tarot reading to see if a court case or other struggle is about to be over, this is an affirmative answer delivered on horseback. If you are looking for answers as to why you are struggling with a relationship or other personal setbacks, be they career, emotional or financial, the Six of Wands demands that you consider how your pride and vanity may be getting in the way of simple solutions.

Key words: Success, victory, winning, having the advantage, triumph, achievement, praise, acclaim, awards, recognition, applause, goodwill, fame, celebrity, fans, well-wishers, supporters, crowds, being in the spotlight, riding high, being a leader, stability, strength, confidence, self-esteem, pride, sharing your victories, campaign trail.

Card 4: The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands represents a situation that started off as a good idea but has now become a burden. It signifies problems, responsibilities, being overburdened, overloaded and stressed. It indicates that you have a huge weight on your shoulders and you feeling obligated, saddled and restricted.  

This Minor Arcana card can signify being taken for granted, struggle, major challenges, drudgery and duty. It suggests that you have taken on too much and may be heading for burn out. This card does, however, also indicate that the end is in sight; and if you keep going, you will be successful. 

It can also signify delays, losing your way, losing your focus and having an uphill struggle.  It can indicate that the fun or spontaneity has gone out of your life.

In the present position, the Ten of Wands lets you know that you are in over your head. You may have a brilliant idea, and feel like you could be successful, but there is a lot that you do not know about your field of choice; and ignorance of the everyday realities will hinder your development. Wands represent creativity and often appear in the Tarot readings of people who are starting their own business. Proceed with caution, and get expert help.

Key words: Overburdened, overloaded, responsibilities, stress, problems, weight on shoulders, duty, drudgery, obligation, saddled, restricted, burn-out, uphill struggle, taken for granted, taking on too much, delays, struggle, resistance,  lost your way, lost focus, major challenges, lack of fun/ spontaneity, keep going, end in sight

How did you do? We're going to start taking this to a deeper level at the beginning of the secular new year, so really work hard on it! Come, join us on the Facebook page for discussion. Let me know how I can further support you.

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