Brew an Chéad Lá: The Wild Week Ahead January 13, 2019

Brew an Chéad Lá- First Day Brew. Time to gear up for the week ahead! 

We're in the waxing gibbous phase of the moon all week, culminating in a full moon just after midnight on Monday morning (January 21).  Those who have a strong connection to moon energies will begin having trouble sleeping starting around Thursday.

The moon will be in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this week.

This Week's Totem: Otter

Key words: Femininity, Joy, Playfulness

Otter is one of the most powerful totems to carry. According to National Geographic, 
"otters swim by propelling themselves with their tails and flexing their long bodies. They also have webbed feet, water repellent fur to keep them dry and warm, and nostrils and ears that close in the water. They remain active in winter, using ice holes to surface and breathe. They can hold their breath underwater for some eight minutes."

Sociologist and animal behaviorists agree that socialization is a key to brain development and intelligence. Otters have this in spades. 
"River otters are renowned for their sense of play. Otter play mostly consists of wrestling with con-specifics. Chasing is also a common game. River otters rely upon play to learn survival skills such as fighting and hunting." ~Smith College Biology Dept.

Those who carry an otter totem are some of the most fun people to be around. They never lose their sense of childlike wonder and play. They know when to laugh at themselves and when to use their antics to cheer up another. In many indigenous North American cultures, otter was seen as the ultimate feminine creature, and one to which both men and women should aspire for her nurturing, playful spirit that lives without jealousy.

Otter (Dobhran- which means water dog in Gaelic) in Celtic culture was also seen as a playful, go-with-the-flow creature with a strong sense of fun.

Otter's message is to remember the wonder of the world and your connection to nature. Don't take everything so seriously and lighten up this week. Have fun, go outside. Take a hike in the woods, build a fort out of twigs and fallen branches, skip rocks, climb a tree.. be a child again- go ahead. You have permission. PLAY!

Here is a poem from one of my favorites, Seamus Heaney- Irish poet and playwright, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995. 

The Otter By Seamus Heaney from Stephen Mooney on Vimeo.

Weekly Magic Guides

These will still be posted each day on the Wildly, Witch Facebook page, but some of you like more planning time.

Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort!
(My seven blessings upon you!)


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