Brew an Chéad Lá: The Wild Week Ahead January 27, 2019

Brew an Chéad Lá- First Day Brew. Time to gear up for the week ahead!

It's a week of endings and beginnings. January closes out, while February kicks us off with a new moon in Aquarius.

The moon will be in the waning crescent phase for the entire week. The new moon takes place on Monday, February 4, at 4:04p EST.

The moon will move through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius this week.

This Week's Totem: Owl

Owl is sacred in many cultures for a variety of reasons.

To the Romans, the Owl was sacred to the Goddess Athena, and represented wealth, status and intellect.
To the Celts, Egyptians and Hindus, Owl was a guardian of the Other/Underworld, Protector of the Dead and revealed hidden enemies to those with whom Owl shared a bond.
In nearly every European culture where Owl is honored, Owl is seen as a companion to the spirits who cross over.
To many Indigenous Nations of North America, Owl was seen as the keeper of sacred knowledge.
In West African and Aboriginal cultures, Owl was the messenger of secrets, companion to sorcerers, mystics and medicine people.

In the European Medieval period, owl was thought to be a form used by witches to shape-shift and listen in on people or used to aid in spellcasting.

Because owls are nocturnal, their image conjures a certain mystery to it.

Owl is a companion to those who are very psychic. Owl helps us see through facades and nefarious plans. Those with an owl totem can see right through the masks of others and tell them exactly what they are thinking, plotting, and doing.

Owl's message is that it's time to heighten your awareness. Look for signs and messages from the Otherworld. Be aware and open to what the spirits are telling you. Trust in Owl's keen sight and insight. Owl will never steer you in the wrong direction.

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Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort!
(My seven blessings upon you!)


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