Monday Musings: A Letter to My Mentor

Dear Witch,

Lately, I’ve been feeling something I can barely explain. It’s a pull, a tug, a call.

Authentic? Sigh.

I re-branded my page as “Wildly, Witch” because I wanted to take people deeper, and lead them away from this taker culture to which we’ve been entrapped for so long. And, now that I look at it, all I’ve done is give people what they want- sugar, rather than substance.

I’m not an astrologer, but if you look at the page, you’d swear differently. I’m not all that into it, although I do love my sun sign (Aquarius), and all that it represents to me. I also love the art that depicts it. It's fun to play with, in Logosland.

But, I digress.

I wasn’t meant for this.

Daily magic guides? Do they really need those? The inane bantering back and forth.. same comments, same responses,

Tarot Tuesdays were supposed to take them deeper.

The entitlement has set in. Now, it’s expected. Next up: demands.

There are  few who want to go there. But, I think that’s okay. They are the ones I came for.

Now, the question is, will they want to seek out the wild magics that exist only on a lonely forest path that leads to the rambling river? Will they know what to do when they get there?

Will they want to sit with the crows, in silence, until they can recognize that 3 caws means “I’m okay” when they’re hunting, and 5 means, “Come here! I’ve found something!”? Would they sit for so long that the crows accept them, and present them with feathers? Will they be curious enough to find out what that means?

Will they want to stop to sing a brother raccoon to the Otherworld, when they find him by the side of the road? Sprinkle some tobacco (always kept in the car, just in case). Would they “feel” the trauma? Would their connection to all that is, be so strong that they could not pass without stopping, no matter what mundane appointment they might be late for?

Would they rescue a sister snake who had accidentally entered their home, because she was chasing a mouse?  She got lost in the chase, and didn’t realize this was someone’s territory. Or, would they kill her, because they fear what they do not want know?

Do they want to know that the trees call to the wind, because they have messages to send?

Bigger question: how much do I care, if they do or don’t? Is it my responsibility to teach them, even if they really don’t want to learn?

The forest keeps calling me. My kin there miss me, as I miss them. I am Watcher and Witch and Writer; but, where am I now? I’ve been out too long. I’m lost again, and I need to go home.

It is time. I miss you, too.

Meet me in the place where you first found me. I’m opening now, to remind me of who I am...

Jack do you never sleep? Does the Green still run deep in your heart?” ~ Jethro Tull- from “Jack in the Green”



  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the sugar. I'm no astrologer, so I do appreciate having that to reference when I'd like to have that extra bump to my work.
    Would I appreciate some of the deeper stuff at the expense of the sugar? Absolutely. I understand that some of the "trad-craft" is popular, walking away from the "love and light" that Neo-Wicca was, but I am (and always have been) drawn to the macabre and "spooky." We intend on hunting to fulfill our desire to eat meat and my husband is well aware that I am calling first dibs on any skulls, until we get the one that is meant for me.
    I'd love to see you really dig into what you want to share with us, instead of just giving us what appeals to the masses. I understand however, that it is the masses that really move things forward. Please do what you feel led to do. Either way, I am along for the ride, and I appreciate everything that you've taught me, even if I don't always have use of it for myself.

  2. I love this. Thank you for posting it.


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