Tarot Tuesday's Big Reveal for April 2, 2019

It's time for our big reveal! Today's deck is the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, and Wil Worthington.

"The Wildwood Tarot will take you on a mystical journey for answers . . . 
Look to the heart of a primeval forest where deep ancestral wisdom lies to help make sense of your world today. Based on seasonal rhythms and ancient festivals, The Wildwood Tarot gift set draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries. This stunning new tarot card deck introduces us to classic forest archetypes—including the Green Man and Woman, Archer, and Blasted Oak--and explains how to use them as a meditation system, divinatory oracle, or reference. Will Worthington's powerful pagan images connect us with a long-lost world that can help us make sense of our own. So step back in time and you'll better understand where your life’s path may lead."

Card 1: The 3 of Swords

The suit of swords is represented by arrows in the Wildwood deck. The 3 of Swords is one of those "omgs, I did NOT want to see that card today" kind of cards. But, it's the kind of "ass-kicking" some of us need at times, and it can bring us to a state of empowerment, if we heed the Tarot's message.

In general, this card can point to very deep emotional issues that must be addressed before the querent can move on. You may also get some clarity around your relationships today, as the Three of Arrows (aka Three of Swords) is all about seeing the heart of a relationship with a steady, focused gaze. The way to deal with sorrow is to take it into our hearts, accept it, and go beyond it. 

This can lead to true empowerment, and is also your warning sign of something to come. When we're able to see something coming, it's so much easier to handle.

Key words: Heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness, removal, absence, division, depression, separation, sadness, heartache, unhappiness, upheaval, grief, sorrow, upset, disorder, confusion, alienation, loss, distraction, ill-health, conflict, disillusion, trauma, serious misunderstandings, tears

Card 2: The Five of Cups (Vessels, in this deck)

In traditional tarot, this card represents sadness, loss, grief, despair, abandonment, guilt, remorse, and regret. But, John Matthews and Mark Ryan take it to a different place, and I find it refreshing. They call this one, "Ecstasy."

From their blog:

"Here the Wanderer experiences a brief glimpse of inspiration, an access to the divine which releases a spontaneous rush of joy, ecstasy. But here the Wanderer learns that even these heightened feelings are short lived, and is plunged back into a darker state. Thus the more usual meaning of the 5 of Cups, longing or despair, undermines the sense of wonder and delight, making it bitter sweet. 

We felt and feel that this makes more sense of the Wanderer’s ongoing story, especially as it is followed by the Six of Vessels, which denotes the welcome return of the inner unity expressed in the Two. With this comes the remembrance of wholeness set against the fleeting passage of ecstatic wonder in the Five.
The weight of loss, the memory of that divine impulse, is such that in the Seven the Wanderer mourns his/her lost delight. From this moment, as the Wanderer accepts the path of fate things begin to turn.  A rebirth begins in the Eight of Vessels, followed by a bursting fourth of joy that he/she wishes to share with all. From this flows happiness, the waters overflowing the spring, and the joy of the Wanderer, which had been present all along, issues to the world. 

In this way we see that while the 5 of Vessels appears to contradict the more traditional meaning, it is essentially the same. The ecstasy of the moment is fleeting and serves as a reminder to the Wanderer of the way things had been and perhaps might be again. It is a crucial turning point in his/her journey.

 With the new moon coming this Friday, it's a great time for release, no matter which card you chose. Feel it fully, then move on. It's time to clear out the old, and bring in the new.

Let me know how I can support you in this week's endeavor.

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