Moon Magic

For your convenience, I post a Daily Magic Guide each morning on the Facebook page.

Moon Phase Magic:

New Moon: new beginnings, regeneration. Make plans for this
moon cycle. Set your goals with purpose.

Waxing Crescent Moon: Spells that attract or make beneficial
change; spells for love, luck, and growth. Make plans, lay
foundations at this time.

First Quarter Moon: "Moon of Caution"- This is where your spell
may come up against its first challenge. Add a little oomph
to your workings. Balance carefully at this time.
Good time for haircuts to speed growth.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: This is a time when the energy
may feel stagnant, or at a pause.
Be assured that growth is happening, it just
isn't visible. Spells for love, luck, growth,
and attraction are done at this time.

Full Moon: Power is at its height. Spells for beauty,
love, money, creativity, matters of the home, etc...
major workings are done at this time.

Waning Gibbous Moon: Time for spells that
banish, release,reverse;
break unhealthy habits or addictions,
end detrimental relationships. Deep intuition
and divination are most powerful.

Last Quarter Moon: Clear obstructions
from your path.
Good time for haircuts to slow growth.
Self-analysis, recuperation, meditation are done now.

Waning Crescent Moon: Banishing, ending unhealthy
relationships and habits. Rest, recuperate, and prepare
for the dark moon.

Dark Moon: 24 hours prior to a New Moon. Time to banish,
release, and rid one's self of all that does not "grow corn"
for you. Hexing is most powerful at this time.

Moon in the Signs:

Moon in Aries: best time to work magic involving leadership, authority, rebirth, spiritual conversion, or willpower. Healing rites for the face, head, or brain are done now.

Moon in Taurus: best time to work magic for love, real estate, material acquisitions, and money. Healing rites for the throat, neck, and ears are done now.

Moon in Gemini: best time to work magic for good communication, change of residence, writing, public relations, and travel. Healing rites for the shoulders, arms, hands, or lungs are done now.

Moon in Cancer: best time to work magic for home and domestic life. Healing rites for the chest or stomach are done now.

Moon in Leo: best time to work magic involving authority, power over others, courage, fertility, or childbirth. Healing rites for the upper back, spine, or heart are done now.

Moon in Virgo: best time to work magic involving employment, intellectual matters, health, and dietary concerns. Healing rites for the intestines or nervous system are done now.

Moon in Libra: best time to work magic involving artistic work, justice, court cases, partnerships and unions, mental stimulation, and karmic, spiritual, or emotional balance. Healing rites for the lower back or kidneys are done now.

Moon in Scorpio: best time to work magic involving sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets, and fundamental transformations. Healing rites for the reproductive organs are done now.

Moon in Sagittarius: best time to work magic for publications, legal matters, travel, and truth. Healing rites for the liver, thighs, or hips are done now.

Moon in Capricorn: best time to work magic for organization, ambition, recognition, career, and political matters. Healing rites for the knees, bones, teeth, and skin are done now.

Moon in Aquarius: best time to work magic for freedom, creative expression, extrasensory abilities, friendship. Healing rites for the calves, ankles, or blood are done now.

Moon in Pisces: best time to work magic involving dream work, clairvoyance, telepathy, music, and the creative arts. Healing rites for the feet or lymph glands are done now.

Void of Course Moon:
Indicates nothing to worry about or nothing will happen. Projects begun now may not succeed. Disturbing news may be nothing to worry about. Time to gather information while detaching from the outcome. Wait until the void ends.

Days of the Week

Monday Magic: agriculture, animals, fertility, reunions, theft, voyages, dreams, emotions, clairvoyance, home, family, psychic work.

Tuesday Magic: courage, physical strength, revenge, military honors, surgery, breaking spells,
dynamic energy, war, enemies, prison, politics, beginnings, woodworking, gardening,
contests, protection, victory, athletics.

Wednesday magic: wisdom, healing, communication, intelligence, writing, advertising, 
signing contracts, legal appointments, visual arts, hiring employees, learning languages, astrology

Thursday Magic: business, logic,political power, material wealth, publishing, 
long distance travel, religion, philosophy, forecasting, publicity, expansion, luck, horses, 
the law, doctors, guardians, reading, studying.

Friday Magic:  love, romance, marriage, sexual matters, physical beauty, partnerships, friendships, social activities, strangers, pleasure, music, incense, perfumes, nature, and arts and crafts.

Saturday Magic: spirit communication, meditation, banishing, cleansing, locating 
lost items or missing persons, self-discipline, protection, freedom, destroying diseases and pests, hidden or obscure matters, limitations, and boundaries.

Sunday Magic: health, success, career goals, ambition, personal finances, drama, fun, 
authority figures, fairs, crops, totem animals, volunteering, promotion, men’s mysteries, physical strength, achievement, healing energy.