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My services are in the realm of spiritual guidance via Tarot readings and Totem reports, which  are detailed below. Should you  have any questions, feel free to reach out via email.
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Basic Tarot Reading  $25.00

This is a simple one-question reading in which you can get answers to questions like, "How can I bring more love into my life?" "What do I need to do to grow more, spiritually?" "Is now a good time for me go to back to school?" or any other issue with which you may be struggling at the moment.

Deluxe Tarot Reading: 1 Year Snapshot  $50.00

This is a special "Tree of Life" spread that I use to show you what you can expect over the next year of your life. You'll get insights and advice on pitfalls to avoid, as well as areas in which you may excel over the next twelve months. You'll see yourself as the Tarot sees you, where you are, and where you are currently going on this particular path. Each position has a unique planetary component that is explained in this detailed report. This one is a client favorite!

Deluxe Two-Question Reading  $50.00

This is a completely personalized reading in which you can ask up to 2 specific questions about your life, your concerns, etc... and I will read multiple spreads for you. This one is really good for when you're trying to decide between two paths. It's never just a simple "yes" or "no" answer. You want to see the outcomes of each path, then make a more informed decision about which way you want to go. Note: Please be sure to specify your question, either in PayPal checkout notes or via the contact form on the right side of this page.

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American Totems Report  $45.00

This Totem Reading gives you insights into who you are, through this exclusive Secret Services Shop Report. It makes a wonderful gift for you or your loved ones.

You’ll receive a pdf report with visual cues, key words, and detailed notes on each totem and its position on The Wheel. This will tell you about yourself, your unique gifts, and an introduction to your spirit-helpers.

You’ll also have a summary page which gives you a snapshot of your totems. Should you have any questions about your report, I’m always happy to assist you via email or Facebook.

This is a service I provide for my spiritual community, and is intended as advice at the moment of the reading. As one makes daily choices, the path can change at anytime. I am not responsible for your choices or outcomes. This is simply a way to assist you in making a more informed choice for the future. I do not provide refunds for services rendered.