Here are some testimonials from my current/previous clients. They can give you insight into my accuracy.

★★★★★ “I just received my American Totems Report from you and I can’t say enough about how spot on you are!! Thank you so much!! <3. I’ve had a reading from Imramma, and I was floored by how accurate she is! It’s worth every penny! Go check it out!” ~ Angie Crabtree, owner Ravenfeather Glass Creations

★★★★★ “I had seen all of these people mention their Spirit animal but I had never know what mine was. Enter Kallan. I asked her to read me so that I could know who my Totem Animal was and not only did I get that answer, I received a report! All of the animals, in all 9 directions. It was the medicine wheel! And she left me with a resource to try if I wanted to learn any more. Kallan is incredible at what she does, never giving anything half way and always handing in the best of the best results. I am honored to be a client and a friend. Thank you Kallan!” ~Renee S. Avard

★★★★★ “For my 50th Birthday, I gave myself the gift of a reading from Kallan. It was beyond my expectation. The information provided will help guide me through this very important transitional year of my life. If you’ve ever considered having reading done, I highly recommend Imramma.” ~L. Lott

★★★★★ “Kallan did a stay/go tarot reading for me just recently and it was very insightful and very detailed. My husband was also very impressed with the reading. It really helped us to make a major decision. I definitely HIGHLY recommend a reading and I will be using her gifts in the future. She is a very impressive reader.
Kallan has also helped me in regards to some business decisions and I will be implementing those in the future as well.
Secret Services is a great help! Highly recommended all the way around.” ~ L. Morris

★★★★★”Kallan just did a reading for me on a very important question, and I have to say that it was so amazingly amazing that even she doesn’t realize how amazing it is. Her interpretation of every card was insightful and thorough. If she has any questions during her reading she will work until things are clear for she and her client. She welcomes follow up questions (of which I had many) and shows genuine concern for her clients and their situations. I’m sure I will use her services again in the future.” ~ S. Penn

★★★★★”Thank you so much for doing my Totem and Tarot reading. I’ve been pouring over it since it arrived and I am still speechless. I knew when I saw my first totem animal, (Dog), that this reading was going to rock my world. I have a connection with dogs. They (most of them) just love me and I love them back. I can walk by someone who has a dog on a leash and the dog will pull to get to me. And also, (out of the blue a few years ago,) I agreed to keep a clients dog and from that one time, a little side business came about.
I won’t bore you with each card (totem), but I can assure you that not only did each card resonate a truth but also described me to a “T”. You know who I am after doing my report. It is that accurate.
The tarot reading….. I cried for a few minutes after reading it. I felt it. Deeply. It’s all true. I’m struggling with taking my power back. I have given up a piece of myself and now I have to reclaim my power and that piece of me. I have no doubt that once I do that, the sun will shine.
Thank you, Kallan! You are a blessing for me. You’ve helped me more than you know.” ~J.L.G.

★★★★★”I had Kallan do a Totem reading for me. It was amazing! Found out that some of the animals I thought were my Totem…weren’t …and the animals that ARE…are even more wonderful! I’m still studying up on it but it’s written so well, described completely and put in an order that I can really learn from. I had a Tarot reading from her too a month ago…also amazing! Highly recommend finding out about your Medicine Wheel…it was magickal! Thanks Kallan!” ~K. Zonaras

★★★★★”Kallan did a reading for me last week about the path of my career and, upon receiving and reading the report she sent over, I sat and cried. Yes, cried! It was as if she knew exactly what was going on for me right now and in the past as far as my work, like she was right there with me through it all. The reading confirmed greatly what I knew in my heart and soul to be the right path for me. The way she did the reading for me was exceptional! She did a reading on the path for me if I stay in my current job and another if I decide to go. She tied them together to show me what is the correct path for me too. The report was beautifully presented and easy to understand. Kallan’s talent as a tarot reader is undoubtedly present and her professionalism shines in her presentation of the reading. I will most certainly be working with Kallan again in the future.” ~ Johanna Lawson

★★★★★”I got my tarot card reading today and it was spectacular!!! It was very comforting to know I am on the right path regardless of which one I choose. As I have always said, I am the creator of my destiny!! Thanks Kallan for an awesome reading. YOU ROCK!!! ” ~Marilyn Muma-Reid

★★★★★”I moved to SC from Virginia 4 years ago and left my astrologist and tarot reader. I have not found anyone down here and was feeling the need to connect to the Universe in that way. I try to do my own readings, but it is just not the same. THEN I FOUND Kallan! She did a reading a few days ago on my Spiritual Path. Now Kallan and I weren’t even facebook friends at that time so she did not know me at all! The reading was so spot on that I kept having to remind myself that she in fact did not know me. The cards told me things I definitely need to be aware of too! Thank you Kallan and now I will be getting the readings I have been use to (kinda like finally finding a great massage therapist!)”~Deb Hillman

★★★★★”I wanted to leave a review of my Tarot reading I received today. I asked Kallan to do a tarot reading on my spiritual path. I was beyond happy with the reading! It was presented in a beautiful, well organized format. Each card was explained in detail with the description being well thought out and easy to understand. It was completely right in every way! I know Kallan is very talented at tarot readings…a Goddess given talent… and the reading proved it and went beyond my expectations. It was a true and real reading. She just reads what the cards give her..with her intuition and abilities. Thank you so much Kallan..it was an amazing experience. One I never had really had before!”
Blesssings, Autumn Earthsong

★★★★★”Thank you so much for the tarot reading. It was jaw- dropping! I keep rereading it and am comforted knowing that I am on the right path. Every card spoke volumes to me and was spot on. I will be giving you glowing reviews on FB and to all of my friends. Thank you so much for the reading. I will be using you again!!” ~ Lynn G.

★★★★★”I’m a loyal follower of Kallan on Facebook and love her blog, but before today I’d never had the opportunity to experience her tarot reading skills personally. She goes above and beyond to accommodate scheduling issues and works amazingly well over the phone! The reading was so incredibly accurate – the details are not big, fluffy statements that anyone could rattle off, they are detailed and relevant to real issues. Kallan says it’s all in the cards, but she’s being way too humble! Her reading over the phone was so much more personal than in-person readings from others. I will never go to anyone else! ” ~ Sharon Jennings

★★★★★”This was the first time I have ever had a reading of this nature and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The reading I got was amazing. Some of it came as no surprise though much of it was completely new to me, and all of it was completely spot on. The insight provided by the totem reading was incredible, it brought so much of what I was struggling to understand into focus and opened up brand new avenues of exploration for myself and my spirituality. As a person who works, and has always worked, very heavily with animal energies I am simply blown away by the information this reading provided. If you work with animal medicine I can’t recommend this reading strongly enough.” ~ CL Luciole

★★★★★“Awesome reading!! Haven’t done this kind of thing before…your accuracy is something else, particularly what I’ve done in the past! You’ll definitely be hearing from me again!!” ~ Debby Maynard

★★★★★“I just want to say that you nailed it right on the head with my reading. Trying to unravel pieces and parts of a past life and those significant people connected to it makes the journey of life fun. It also makes it hard to navigate when not all of those pieces are clear. You certainly made those pieces clear and while I am sad in some respects that my journey with a significant person is coming to an end it helps me to know that we’ve both learned what we needed to and that we both have served our purposes and made a difference in each of our lives. I feel now that I know this I can finally move forward with my life. Thank you every so much for this reading. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone that is in need of navigating through life’s mysteries. I will certainly use your services as questions come up and need more divination than I can do on my own. You have a gift!” ~Suzanne Shafer

★★★★★“I’ve got to say thank you again for the reading, Kallan. It firmed up a lot of things I was wondering about and helped me chart a course of action to reach my desired goal in ways I wasn’t expecting. You rock!” ~Alan Sheridan

★★★★★“I recently asked Kallan for a Native American totem reading since I have been wanting to learn more about what my totems are and how to work with them. I was absolutely amazed at what I received. This report not only listed each totem and the direction they corresponded with but, gave a detailed description of each. I was surprised to see animals that had always resonated with me and described my personality very well. Kallan’s response to my request was prompt and the report is well laid out. With its eye-catching design and easy to read type, it is clear Kallan put a tremendous amount of effort into its creation. I will certainly be working with her in the future.” ~ Jennifer Rasmussen

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  1. ***** I cannot recommend Kallan's readings highly enough! A family member, as well as myself, had readings done by her and they were so insightful and most definitely spot-on we were both pretty amazed at the accuracy and detail in regard to our personal lives and paths. Kallan is the "real deal", and I will have more services from her in the future. She is a consummate professional, and a beautiful and genuine person in so many ways, I am thankful to have found her! Dawn Leith


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