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I'm testing the waters here for a possible Sunday news format again, perhaps a bit simpler than The Sunday Stew, and it may even become a youtube channel venue instead. If you find this interesting, please, let me know?

In the News

Disclaimer: these are news articles from around the world. I did not write them, nor do I endorse any of them. This is simply a convenience for those who are interested in Paganism and Witchcraft headlines.  It is my belief that our community should be well-educated as to what is being said in the world about us. I've chosen articles that evoked something in me. I hope the ones you choose to read will do the same for you. As always, I love getting your perspective. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Man buries son at nephew's doorstep on witchcraft accusation

Sex witch Robin Fletcher has backyard Alphington Church support

Sex-Positive, Gender-Bending Witchy Tarot Cards? Here, Just Take my Money

On sharing the technology of witchcraft

What is a reason I shouldn't lose hope in witchcraft?

Spell detection 101: How to know if someone is using witchcraft on you

SA launches degree award School of Witchcraft

N/R: Students attack colleague with gun over witchcraft allegation

Brown Deer Police Respond After Woman Says Neighbor is Involved in Witchcraft

Bed time stories from the world of witchcraft and wizardry

Witchcraft: 6 Benue farmers remanded for burning old men

America's Secular Paganism

When the Christians and Pagans clashed in Glastonbury

Student practices witchcraft, found communities within Des Moines, Drake, internet

How to Tell if Your Ancestors Were Witches (Teen Vogue)

A Night Among the Witches Fighting the Trump Administration

Undoing the Hard Work of Pagan Pioneers

6 Keys to Being an Authentic Witch

Excommunicated Zaragoza village receives boost to witchcraft tourism

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