The Spoon and Cauldron: August 6, 2017

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In the News

The following are links to articles appearing in news sites around the world. This is informational only, and does not reflect the views or opinions of this site.

These magick-inspired ceramics will have you reaching for your sage and crystals

Much ado about Voodoo: Hysteria spreads in villages as multiple womens' braids go missing

Anointed pens prophet bounces back to unearth witches

Paranormal research group seeks to include occult practices in studies

Grandma tagged 'witch' after she got stuck on the roof of a building

Nottingham Pagan fears faith's 'bad press' is behind spike in witchcraft reports

'Just when you thought witches weren't real': Chloe Lattanzi reveals she's a witch while riding a broomstick in bizarre video


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Planets currently in Retrograde: 
Saturn (until August 25)
Pluto (until September 28)
Neptune (until November 22)
Uranus (until January 2, 2018)
Mercury will Rx on August 12 until September 5

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This Week's Featured Totem: Eagle

Key words and phrases: Swiftness, Strength, Courage, Second Sight, Connection to Great Spirit, Knowledge of Magic, Higher Truth, Dignity with Grace, Healing and the Ability to See the Bigger Picture.

In ancient Greece, Eagle was associated with Zeus, who shape-shifted into one to see the greater picture of things. In the indigenous Nations of North America, Eagle is generally seen as the connector to the Great Spirit, and is sometimes considered to be the Thunderbird. In ancient Gaelic tribes, Eagle was called "Suil-na-Greine" or "Eye of the Sun."

Eagle represents the power of and connection to the Great Spirit (God, Goddess, whatever you wish to call that which you see as 'divine') or Mystery. It's the ability to stay both in this world and strongly attached to the realm of Spirit.

Eagle's message is to soar above the mundane and view things from a larger perspective. If you've been too caught up in the day-to-day irritations of life, or are taking things personally, it's time to disconnect from those emotions and reconnect with the element of Air (mental plane). See how all of the pieces you've been viewing myopically are placed together in the puzzle that is your life (Wyrd, Imramma, Destiny). Connect to that which is greater than yourself and cut the ties to that which binds and prevents you from flying free.

All eagles are renowned for their excellent eyesight. Those who carry Eagle medicine tend to be both clairaudient and clairvoyant.

Water is an important source of sustenance for eagles. Those with this totem will feel a strong need to live near water, mainly a fresh water source.

Eagles are considered messengers from heaven and the spirit of the sun. They are also symbols of rediscovering the inner child. Three is a sacred number for those with this medicine. Three represents new birth and creativity. A study in alchemy is also recommended for those who have eagle as a totem.

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