Monday Magic- Recipes

It's the beginning of the harvest season, and time to stock up on magical supplies. Many witches have already begun harvesting herbs for drying. It's also time to review inventories, and get rid of those things that have been sitting around on magical shelves for awhile.  You don't have to buy these pre-made. Make your own, and make your magic more powerful. 
Disclaimer: These are for informational purposes and consequences are your own.

Here are a couple of recipes for must-haves. File these under Protection, Banishing, and Cursing. If you like these, let me know, and I'll post more each Monday.

War Water (Mars Water)

1 glass jar (preferably dark, but if you don't have dark glass, be sure it is stored away from sunlight) with a good lid that will create a tight seal.

Spanish moss (you can actually get this from a dollar store if it isn't available out in the wild. Look in their floral craft section). 

Non-galvanized or rusty nails

Water (swamp water is considered best, but any water will do)

Optional: graveyard dirt

Mix ingredients together. Seal Tightly. Let sit in a dark place, away from children and pets. When it turns a dark brown/black color, it's ready for use.

This is used in protection, banishing, hexing, cursing spells. Used by Hoodoo and Wiccan practitioners, and by Eclectic Witches. 

Hot Foot Powder

2 parts cayenne
2 parts salt
1 part black pepper
1 part graveyard dirt

Optional extras:
1 part rust
1 part cascarilla powder (powdered egg shells)
1 part rust shavings
1 part sulfur

Mix all ingredients carefully and store in a tight container. Caution: particles can easily become airborne and irritate eyes, nose, lungs, and throat. Be careful when mixing, and when opening the container once it's been mixed.

Used in Appalachian magic, voudon, hoodoo, and other witchcraft practices for making someone 'hot foot it' away from you. Also used to keep someone from doing harm.

These are both best done on a Tuesday (Tyr's Day), as Tyr is the Norse god of war.

Happy Wild Witching!


  1. Please keep sharing these :) ... Thank you :)

  2. Hi Tammy!
    Thank you for the feedback!


  3. I absolutely love things like this! It's always educational and inspirational to see how others do things or to learn new methods. I personally would love to see more posts like this from time to time.


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