Lughnasadh: The First Harvest

Circa August 1 is the fire festival known as Lughnasadh (aka Lammas, but this is a Christian term, and was used to try to replace the Pagan holy day). Some celebrate it on the first full moon after August 1. This year, it would be on August 26th.

Lughnasadh is the Gaelic name after the Irish God, Lugh, who honored his stepmother Tailtiu (Telsha) with a day of games and competition. Legend has it that Tailtiu died after plowing all the fields of Eire to prepare them for planting. Lugh honored her with this day of funerary games and competition.

Ly De Angeles says the about Lugh and this festival in her book, "When I See the Wild God":
"Lugh: As with most of the Deithe of the Celtic pantheon: Lugh represents the fullness of life (including both love and the betrayal of love) and the transition of life, death, and rebirth. His symbol is the spear (represented in ritual as the staff and wand). The golden eagle is the totem of his death...Llugnassad is the time of the harvest of crops, fruit, and vegetables, representing the time of reaping. The significance of fire and death at this time on the wheel is very strong in this land, and Lugh is venerated simply because his persona as a strong solar Deithe and a lord of life and death is so very apt."

Life, death, rebirth. Harvest. Bounty. All things we contemplate and celebrate on this day. Life is what we celebrate, but death and rebirth are things we don't often think about at this time. As we reap our crops, they are dying for us to live. Many will be reborn in the Spring- some will not.

I've created a Pinterest Board for you to peruse for holiday ideas:

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I wish you blessings of the season, and a fruitful first harvest!


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