Sunday Stirrings: The Magical Week Ahead October 7-13

Greetings, Wildlings!  

Here, you will find a quick snapshot of the week ahead. Make your preparations accordingly!

Also, a few headlines for your Sunday morning reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Monday: New Moon in Libra at 11:47 pm. 

     Here are a few links to some great new moon articles:

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Tuesday: "Moon of Rest"

 The moon will go void at 4:50 am EDT, and be in that state for the       entire day. When the Moon is void of its course, it indicates that there is nothing to worry about, or nothing will happen. Projects begun now, may not succeed. Disturbing news may be nothing to worry about. This is the time to gather information and detach, while waiting for the outcome. Magic is best done when the void has ended.

Wednesday: "Moon of Regeneration"

The moon is in her waxing phase in the sign of Scorpio at 12:09 am EDT. This is a good day for learning, taking back your power, psychic growth, discovery of secrets, and fundamental transformations. Anything you do to strengthen the body at this time will be more productive. The waxing moon is optimal for this type of work.

Thursday: "Moon of Regeneration"

The moon is going void today at 7:12 pm EDT. Any spells you wish to do, should be done before this time. Neptune, Uranus, and Venus are all in retrograde now. This is a good time for renewal, regeneration, repairing, restoring, and reuniting. Take time each day to do some inner work. Strengthening your spirit is just as important as strengthening the body.

Friday: Moon of Regeneration

The moon's overnight void will end at 5:53 am EDT in the sign of Sagittarius. This bodes well for a happy, celebratory weekend. Sagittarius likes to have fun. Enjoy the good times this weekend.

Saturday: Moon of Regeneration

The moon will go void at 8:58 pm EDT so, get your workings in before then. Otherwise, we're still in the Sagittarius, waxing phase of the moon. Enjoy!

Sunday: Moon of Regeneration

We have a long void of course moon, ending at 3:17 pm EDT in the sign of Capricorn. Many people work from Monday-Friday, so this is a great day for organizing, and preparing for the work week ahead. Plan your work; work your plan. You'll find yourself much more productive, if you do.

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