Tarot Tuesday's Big Reveal for April 30, 2019

It's time for our Big Reveal! If you haven't done so, please go to the Wildly, Witch Facebook page and select your card. For those who have, let's do this! I'm cheating a little today, and only giving you the perspective of the authors of this deck for each card.

This week's featured deck is The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Wil Worthington.

From Amazon:

"The Wildwood Tarot will take you on a mystical journey for answers . . .  
Look to the heart of a primeval forest where deep ancestral wisdom lies to help make sense of your world today. Based on seasonal rhythms and ancient festivals, The Wildwood Tarot gift set draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries. This stunning new tarot card deck introduces us to classic forest archetypes—including the Green Man and Woman, Archer, and Blasted Oak--and explains how to use them as a meditation system, divinatory oracle, or reference. Will Worthington's powerful pagan images connect us with a long-lost world that can help us make sense of our own. So step back in time and you'll better understand where your life’s path may lead."

Card 1: The 3 of Vessels (Cups)

From the authors:

Three of Vessels - Joy

Our journey through the Wildwood brings us to a clearing in which we see three great cranes, who open their wings in dance above three vessels – one green, one white and one golden.

From Druidic lore to tales told in the pagodas of Japan, cranes are associated with joy and happiness. Here too, in the Three of Vessels, we see joy and celebration of life!

Although the birds are all cranes, their cups are all different – now is the time to celebrate our differences.

* Where is there joy in your life?

* Do you CHOOSE to experience joy?

Card 2: The 9 of Vessels (Cups)

From the authors:

Nine of Vessels - Generosity

We are approaching the end of the Vessels cycle and now the energy of the suit is rising like the tide as we reach the Nine of Vessels.

As we have journeyed through the suit of Vessels, we have sloughed off that which no longer serves us, grieved its passing and embraced our spiritual rebirth, now, here in the Nine of Vessels that emotional power flows out from us into the world.

A seated figure is depicted in a meditative pose in the centre of the card, surrounded by Vessels. From the figure flows incredible energy – the full flowing energy of Vessels: Generosity, Compassion and Love.

This is more than the romantic love of the Two of Cups, this is agape, universal brotherly (and sisterly!) love for our companions on the planet.

Generosity of spirit creates connection between people. Share your good fortune via the open hand of intentional giving. Be mindful of our experience of the Eight of Vessels - What flows willingly from you comes back to you in the end.

* Where are you pulling in/shutting down away from the Nine Vessels energy?

* Where can you be expansive and embracing?

How did you do? Does it help you to see the perspective of the deck's creators? How did this help you today? What are some takeaways from this exercise? Come, share your thoughts on the Facebook page. Let me know how I can be of further assistance.


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